Smoking chamber – effective and efficient processing of food products


The smoking chamber is a specially designed device that is isolated from the rest of the smokehouse, equipped with ventilation and heating systems. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the smokehouse and enables effective and efficient smoking of large amounts of food. Food products are placed in the smoking chamber , and then the temperature, humidity and smoking time are regulated.

The smoking chamber is also easy to use and can be adapted to different needs and requirements. It can be easily installed anywhere and used in both domestic and industrial settings. Compared to other methods of food processing, such as baking or cooking, a small smoking chamber is more effective and safe to use.

Application of the smoking chamber


A small smoking chamber  is an ideal solution for small industrial plants or for private individuals who want to smoke food products at home. The small smoking chamber  is smaller and has a smaller capacity than the standard smoking chamber, which makes it more compact and easier to transport. Despite its smaller size, the small smoking chamber is as effective and efficient as its larger counterparts and allows you to achieve the desired taste and aroma effects of smoked products. 

Advantages of the smoking chamber


The smoking chamber is superior to other food processing equipment in several aspects:

  1. Efficiency:  Smoking in a smoking chamber  allows for better results than other methods of food processing, such as cooking or baking. This type of thermal treatment allows you to obtain the characteristic taste and smell of smoked products, which are difficult to achieve using other, above-mentioned solutions. Smoke also has preservative properties.

  2. Efficiency:  Smoking in a smoking chamber  is more efficient than other methods of food processing, because it allows the simultaneous smoking of large quantities of products in a short time. In this way, production efficiency can be increased and the smoking process optimized.

  3. Ease of controlling the process: In the smoking chamber, you can easily control the parameters of the smoking process , such as temperature, humidity and smoking time . Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain the desired taste and aroma effect of smoked products.

  4. Fuel saving: Smoking in a smoking chamber saves fuel because the smoking process is more efficient than other food processing methods.

  5. Flexibility: In the smoking chamber, it is easier to adapt the smoking process to different needs and requirements, because you can easily change the process parameters, such as temperature or smoking time.

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When buying a smoking chamber, a one-year warranty! 

After purchasing  a smoking and steaming chamber,  you receive a one-year warranty for the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year!

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