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Smoking and cooking chambers

We produce smoking and scalding chambers characterized by high efficiency of the processes carried out. In particular, intended for shops and small and medium-sized companies selling their own, homely products.

All processes are programmed, performed automatically or manually and controlled by the sensor system of our MINI chamber. It is possible to freely set the parameters of the chamber.
The smokehouse is also equipped with a hydraulic system, which is supplied with water used in the technological process.

Technical data:

– power to the device
– 400 V / 3 / 50 Hz;
– total electric power
– 8 kW;
– optimal load
– 60 kg;
– time
– 350 kg;
– number of shelves
– 6 szt;
– length of the smoking stick
– 690 mm;

Smoking and brewing chamber – application of the device

The smoking chamber  of our production allows you to carry out such processes as:

– smoking,
– drying,
– steaming,
– baking,
– cooking and pasteurization.

The chamber is energy-saving and fully automatic, equipped with a microprocessor controller, intended for thermal processing of food products such as:
– meat,
– fish,
– cold cuts,
– cheese,
– poultry.

Smoking and steaming chamber advantages


Thanks to the processing of products in the smoking and steaming chamber,  we get rid of bacteria from the meat, which are the reason for the short expiry date of the products.
The chamber’s double door is equipped with a glass pane that allows you to monitor the course of technological processes taking place in the chamber.
Our device is made entirely of stainless steel, thanks to which it meets the basic hygienic standards. In addition, the solid construction of the chamber made of durable materials will ensure long years of use.

Benefits of purchasing a small smoking and steaming chamber

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After purchasing  a mini smokehouse,  you receive a one-year warranty on the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year.