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Industrial and gastronomic smokehouse

In recent years, smoking has become very popular. Many companies related to the industry and trade in food products are equipped with gastronomic smokehouses . Our company has been operating on the Polish and other markets for many years, dealing with the production of smokehouses for industrial purposes.

Our MINI chamber is an industrial device suitable for all smokers. It will be used in:
– catering,
– restaurants,
– fish farms,
– shops and many other enterprises related to food and its processing.

We have a large group of satisfied customers who return and recommend us to other companies. Our smokehouses are designed from start to finish by engineers qualified in this field.

Why is it worth buying a small industrial smokehouse?

Our MINI industrial smokehouse is a product made of solid materials resistant to
corrosion, acids, moisture and all demanding conditions. It is mainly stainless steel. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our product will last for years.
When choosing the right smokehouse for catering activities, special attention should be paid to the smoking chamber, the structure of which has a key impact on the final effect of the product. The better the quality of the smoke, the better the taste and aroma of the prepared dishes. Our smokehouse has double walls in which mineral wool is placed. This construction allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in the chamber without too much electricity consumption.

Smokehouses are our passion in which we are constantly developing. We design, manufacture and service our devices.
We also have a wide range of spare parts and accessories:
• aluminum smoking sticks,
• smoking chips,
• door seals,
• various types of smoking carts,
• temperature sensors in the chamber and in the bar,
• electric heaters, including those for smoke generators.

Are you interested in buying a small gastronomic smokehouse?

We cordially encourage you to contact us, we are open to our customers and we are happy to answer all questions. When it comes to transport, we deliver our smokehouses to the indicated address, after prior consultation and arrangement of all details.

After purchasing a MINI gastronomic smokehouse, our customer receives a one-year warranty for the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year.