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Automatic smokehouse

The automatic smokehouse is equipped with a control cabinet designed to automatically supervise the operation of the device. A microprocessor controller is used to set, monitor and manage the parameters of the technological process.

Automatic smokehouse – product description

– power to the device
– 400 V / 3 / 50 Hz;
– total electric power
– 8 kW;
– optimal load
– 60 kg;
– time
– 350 kg;
– number of shelves
– 6 szt;
– length of the smoking stick
– 690 mm;

The device is made of stainless steel. It has double walls in which mineral wool is placed, which perfectly affects the retention of heat. The door is equipped with a glass that allows you to follow the course of the smoking process inside the chamber. Smoking time, temperature and cooking length can be set manually or automatically. Range of adjustable temperatures in the chamber: from +35 to +100 ° С. Humidity 15% to 100%.

The described model closes with a door insulated with a special material, the solid construction of which 
ensures many years of use. The built-in thermometer and thermostat help regulate the temperature.

The mini automatic smokehouse is a product that we improve whenever the opportunity arises. We implement all suggestions made by our clients. We make every effort to ensure that the smokehouse meets the needs and expectations of its users. An easy-to-use model with exceptionally high power. It is ideal for smoking meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. 

Principles of operation of the automatic smokehouse

The principle of operation of the automatic smokehouse is that the air prepared in the heating chamber is blown by a fan into the cooking and smoking chamber. The air flows optimally through the chamber, thanks to which during smoking it reaches all places on the surface of the processed product together with the smoke. Inside the chamber there is a psychrometric block whose task is to monitor the relative humidity in the chamber.

Are you interested in buying a small automatic smokehouse?

We cordially encourage you to contact us, we are open to our customers and we are happy to answer all questions. When it comes to transport, we deliver our smokehouses to the indicated address, after prior consultation and arrangement of all details.

After purchasing a MINI smokehouse, our customer receives a one-year warranty for the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year.