Meat smokehouse

Buying a meat smoker is a topic that comes up sooner or later when it comes to making homemade food. Especially if we are thinking about producing our own cold meats. 
Thanks to properly carried out smoking treatment , we primarily get rid of bacteria from the meat, which are the reason for the short shelf life of the products. Smoking is a method of preserving products that has been known for many years.

The smoking process gives it a unique taste, color and aroma. The use of this technique is particularly suitable for meats such as:
– pork loin,
– ham,
– chicken legs,
– sausage,
– bacon,
– tenderloin.

Do you want to know the recipe for the perfect smoked meat dish? Check out our recipes:

Meat smokehouse – product description

Small  meat smokehouse made entirely of good quality stainless steel. The durable material is resistant to rust, acids and high temperatures. Installed double doors increase the tightness of the chamber, protecting it against smoke loss . The presented model is suitable for both beginners and more experienced producers of familiar products . 

The device has:
– a psychrometric block whose task is to monitor the relative humidity in the chamber,
– a smoke generator producing smoke from smoke chips,
– double walls with mineral wool, which ensures thermal insulation,
– a hydraulic system that supplies water used in technological process.

All this ensures the stability and reliability of the operation of the mini smokehouse.

Application of the MINI smoker for meat:

The mini smokehouse has been designed for:
– restaurants,
– wedding houses,
– butchers,
– hotels,
– shops,
– agritourism farms,
– fishing farms.

Thanks to the available accessories, compatible with the smokehouse, you can smoke products vertically and horizontally. In the case of vertical smoking, of course, hooks work best, while for horizontal smoking, grates will be the best.

Benefits of buying a MINI meat smoker

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After purchasing our professional smokehouse, you receive a one-year warranty on the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year!