Electric smokehouse with smoke generator


Self-cooking can be very good for our body. Thanks to this, we are
able to offer our customers products that are free of artificial substances and will affect their satisfaction and well-being. In this topic , electric smokehouses have recently become very popular  .

Smoking is a process that gives food its characteristic aroma, taste and color. In addition to improving the organoleptic qualities, it is also a way to preserve food without the use of chemical preservatives. The electric smokehouse with a smoke generator enables heat treatment of meat products and hot smoking of fish. 

What is a smoke generator?

The  smoke generator  smoke generator, used to generate smoke in the smoking chamber. The smoke is formed by the glow of the wood chips and enters the chamber due to the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the fan. The chamber has double walls in which mineral wool is placed, which provides thermal protection.
The smoke generated during the smoking process in the smoke generator (smoke generator) enters the heating chamber and is then released outside through the exhaust pipe (chimney). The standard equipment of the chamber includes a 2 m long cable made of stainless steel.

Advantages of using a smoke generator:

• easy smoking and quick achievement of satisfactory results
• obtaining a light or dark color of the product, depending on the type of product and customer preferences
• minimal loss of product weight
• adjustable fan speed

Electric smokehouse with smoke generator – product description

The smoke generator in the electric smokehouse  is a practical device that will not require us to constantly monitor the circulation of smoke or temperature. All functions can be adjusted both manually and automatically. It is a very good solution for all owners of small and medium catering enterprises.

MINI smokehouse dimensions:

– External dimensions of the smokehouse:
– height 2200 / width 900 / depth 1005
– Internal dimensions in mm:
– height 1420 / width 795 / depth 70
– Door clearance in mm:
– height 1230 / width 700

Benefits of using our smokehouse 

wędzarnia z generatorem dymu Inwestpol

Using our offer, you buy a complete set and save money.
You pay less for the whole set than for the same devices purchased separately. In addition, you do not have to
worry about the elements intended for fastening.