Fish smokehouse

Freshly smoked fish is a delicacy with a delightful taste and smell. To achieve a perfect smoking result, it is necessary to monitor and control the temperature inside the chamber. Choosing the perfect fish smokehouse is not easy, especially if it is to be used in gastronomy. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have created a solid smokehouse, built of proven materials.

Fish smokehouse – product description

The fish smokehouse is made of stainless steel, recommended for contact with food. It is safe for health, and the dishes prepared in it retain all nutritional values, natural smell and taste. The use of this type of material guarantees easy cleaning of the chamber. Inside the chamber there is a psychrometric block whose task is to monitor the relative humidity in the chamber.

Range of adjustable temperatures in the chamber: from +35 to +100 ° С. Humidity 15% to 100%.

The smokehouse is perfectly suitable for smoking fish . The air flow in the chamber is optimal, thanks to which the air with smoke reaches all places on the surface of the processed product during smoking.

The chamber consists of two main parts:

– a heating chamber with two tubular electric heating elements (heaters inside) in which the air is prepared and

– cooking and smoking chambers.

Advantages of the MINI fish smoker


– reliability, thanks to strong materials and processes tailored to the user’s needs
– weight loss reduced to a minimum
– lower energy consumption, thanks to the innovative airflow design
– full control over the processes thanks to microprocessor control

Additional accessories and spare parts


We provide additional spare parts and accessories, both for the presented chamber and other chambers of various sizes and manufacturers, namely:
– aluminum smoking sticks, 
– smoking chips, 
– door seals,
– smoking trolleys of various types, 
– temperature sensors in the chamber and in a bar, 
– electric heaters, including smoke generators.

Benefits of buying a small fish smokehouse

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After purchasing a mini smokehouse, you receive a one-year warranty on the equipment. In addition, after a year and a paid inspection in our company, this warranty will be extended for another year!