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These and many other products can be prepared in a mini smokehouse

Wędzona szynka Inwestpol Consulting Mini Wędzarnia

Smoked ham

Great sausage. Perfect for sandwiches, but you can also add it, for example, to salads. It cannot be missing on the Christmas table.

Smoked carp

An unusual fish that you can smoke yourself. It has a very tender meat, the taste of which brings out fruity smoke. Carp prepared in this way will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Smoked sausage

Most often made of minced pork, veal, beef, mutton or poultry. Homely sausage enjoys both smell and taste.

Smoked pork knuckle

This dish finds its amateurs, especially in the autumn and winter. This is a real rarity that requires time and patience in preparation. However, the final effect compensates for any difficulties. 

We have been successfully operating on the market for many years

Thanks to the use of mini smokehouses in the processing industry , your products will surely appeal to every lover of home-made meats, cheeses and fish.

Play the video and see the effect of smoking bacon in our chamber.

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Customer reviews

We prepare the products for smoking ourselves, according to my recipes. Previously, we sent them for smoking to a larger butcher's shop. Now we do it ourselves in our shop. Counting the costs of smoking and transport, the machine will pay for itself in half a year and we can take care of everything on site.
Mr Jacek from the butcher's shop
Smoked fish attracts a lot of customers to our company store and smoking in the Mini chamber is very easy for employees.
Mr. Grzegorz - fishing farm
Previously, we smoked in a traditional chamber and someone always had to get up at 3 am and supervise the smoking. Now the chamber smokes automatically and at that time you can do something else.
Mr. Michał - runs a small butcher's shop and a shop
Since we launched the chamber in the store, customers come to try cold meats made on site. Then they come back for more.
Mrs. Mirosława - with her sons, they run 3 butcher shops