Mini chamber

Application and specification

The construction and principle of operation of the smokehouse

The device is made of stainless steel

The product preparation process is fully automated. Range of adjustable temperatures in the chamber: from +35°С to +100°С. Humidity 15% to 100%.

The chamber consists of two main parts:

Heating chamber

With two tubular electric heating elements (heaters inside) in which the air is prepared.

Cooking and smoking chambers

The principle of operation is that the air prepared in the heating chamber is blown by a fan into the cooking and smoking chamber. The air flows in the chamber vertically and horizontally, thanks to which during smoking the air with smoke reaches all places on the surface of the processed product. Inside the chamber there is a psychrometric block whose task is to monitor the relative humidity in the chamber.

Mała komora wędzarnicza mini wędzarnia

Smoke generator

A smoke generator is used to produce smoke from smoke chips. Smoke is generated by glowing wood chips and enters the chamber due to the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the fan. The chamber has double walls in which mineral wool is placed, which ensures thermal insulation. The door is equipped with a glass window that allows you to follow the course of technological processes inside the chamber.

The smoke generated during the smoking process in the smoke generator (smoke generator) gets into the heating chamber and then through the exhaust pipe (chimney) it is expelled outside. The standard equipment of the chamber includes a 2 m long cable made of stainless steel. The chamber is equipped with a hydraulic system - pipes, nozzles, valves - which is supplied with water used in the technological process, including washing the chamber after its completion.

Control cabinet

It is designed to automatically control the operation of the device. A microprocessor controller is used to set, monitor and control the parameters of the technological process.

The Mini chamber is used in small and medium-sized meat and fish processing plants, in the production departments of restaurants and supermarkets, wedding houses, in agritourism farms, as well as as laboratory equipment in technological laboratories of universities and secondary schools preparing specialists for the food industry.

Mini wędzarnia Inwestpol Consulting
Mini Wędzarnia

Dane techniczne

External dimensions in mm:
height 2200 / width 900 / depth 1005

Internal dimensions in mm:
H 1420 / W 795 / D 70

Door clearance in mm:
H 1230 / W 700